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Smartphone Nokia Too Expensive

High end smartphone Nokia, considered too expensive and have not found the right price point.

"If Nokia wants to sell in volume, they must carry out the device at a competitive cost," said general manager Europe International operator Telefonica, Simon Lee-Smith. Thus was launched Telecoms, Tuesday (08/11/2011).

Lee-Smith also added that Nokia has begun to hear its carrier customers and he expects the Finnish handset vendor can provide a new, more commercial devices and effectively in the new year.
Smartphone Nokia Too Expensive
Last month at the Nokia World event, Stephen Elop as the CEO of Nokia said the phone based on Windows Phone (WP) Nokia, the Lumia 800 will priced at USD575 and does not include taxes, as well as the pre-subsidy.

Vendor reveals a burgeoning market proposition, with rejuvenating feature phones that have a high functionality, but at a low price.

Lee-Smith's hope Nokia managed to do all these things. "They should be able to subsidize the high-end smartphones, because the price is too expensive," he said.

According to him, not enough to just increase the specs of the smartphone. Operators in general will not pay a premium, just because the vendor provides mobile phone with a bigger screen or a camera with high resolution.
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