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5 Reasons webOS Fail at Market

Hewlett Packrad (HP) has just kicked webOS as part of its mobile operating system platform future. This surprised many, including analysts. Many of the analysts who try to guess why the HP to be willing to lose substantial funding for webOS disable it.

Here are 5 reasons why webOS wrong strategy in the market, the Legal quote from the e Week, Monday (08/29/2011).

1. HP misjudged Apple HP failed to realize that the popularity of Apple in the mobile space will not slow down any time soon. The company seems to believe that after iPad 2 was launched on store shelves for a while and the iPhone 5 continues to be delayed, they can take advantage of potential buyers of Apple patience. But that never happened. Conversely, those people just bought Appl products, HP just disappeared.

2. webOS not support Android applications One of the biggest mistakes made HP is webOS not accept Android. Like it or not, in the mobile market today, Android is the operating system that each vendor (except for Apple and Microsoft) should be used. This is a mobile OS that people know and trust, and have proven to sell quite well in the mobile space. To WebOS is a mistake.

3. WebOS unattractive WebOS itself is not all that interesting. The operating system does not have enough third-party applications to attract consumers, and functions just too different from the IOS and Android for customers to give a second look. Moreover, the operating system is not really known outside technological circles, put in a disadvantage from the start.

4. TouchPad is a mistake TouchPad Tablet HP is a mistake from the beginning. As mentioned, he walked WebOS, which is already included in the loss. Combine that with the fact that HP makes the device look very like the iPad complete with a similar design, the price is identical and the same screen size, and it quickly became clear that not having many other advantages.

5. Smartphone is boring Let's face it: HP's smartphone lineup just is not all that interesting. Palm Pre that both consumers and corporate users even care. Moreover, they display a small display, a design that looks a bit derivative of other vendors' previous older models.
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