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New CEO Apple Tim Cook A Gay

Tim Cook by some very suitable to replace Steve Jobs as CEO Apple. Cook including the type of hard worker and always gives an example for their employees, so it's no surprise that analysts are optimistic about the successor to Jobs.

But not many know, the intelligence behind Cook in the lead of Apple, there is a unique side once taboo is not known by the public. One of them is, Cook has oreantasi same-sex sexual or gay.
These rumors themselves had been long enough among the internal sound company based in the Silicon Valley. According to source close to Cook, personality gay himself looks after Cook profiled as a "lifelong bachelor" and "very close" elsewhere.

Reported by Gawker, Friday (08/26/2011), a technology executive has spoken to several veterans of Apple's management about Cook. He told the executives that supports Cook if he openly acknowledged his sexual orientation is distorted, and would even encourage him to do so when he steps up his leadership role.

Although they also have concerns that such recognition would have an impact on the perception of the Apple brand in the future.

Regardless, Cook described as a workaholic who did not even hesitate to email subordinates at 4:30 am each morning. COO prides itself as the first person to the office and last out. At IBM, he volunteered to work at the plant during the Christmas and New Year.

Cook controversially so far, the most powerful gay executives in the technology, after the recognition of lesbian Microsoft HR chief Lisa Brummel and Megan Smith, the former CEO of PlanetOut who now works as vice president of Google's new business development.
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