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Twitpic Founder Launches Heello Twitter-like microblogging

Founder Twitpic , Noah Everett has launched Heello a microblogging service similar to Twitter. The launch was conducted one day after Twitter launched a photo sharing service. As quoted by Mashable, Thursday (08/11/2011), Twitpic under attack from giant after microblogging site launches photo sharing service their own version. Previously, many Twitter users who use the services Twitpic to share photos.
Many features on Heello similar to Twitter. The term tweet there replaced by sending 'ping'. Then retweet replaced with the term 'echo', while the following is replaced with 'listen'. One thing that is quite different from real-time updates appear on stream user. Heello also have integration with Twitter and Facebook, so that its news is still able to other social networking. In addition, the latest microblogging site also displays real-time activity of the claimed account Heello feeds as belonging to CNN, Tumblr and Mark Zuckerberg. Some observers see this as likely as 'revenge', because after Twitter launched a photo sharing service their own version, Everett instead launched a service similar to Twitter. Everett himself told VentureBeat that Heello the future will support the integration of video, checkins, SMS, mobile versions of applications, and the channel features. If that Everett did just want to 'seek attention', then the mission he has succeeded. But if he is serious, then Heello have to deal with the Twitter currently has more than 200 million users.
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