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Dell Tablet use OS Windows 8

Microsoft has recently been completed making ARM that supports version the Windows . After passing the test seems Dell is interested in applying technology in their devices.

When the ARM architecture demonstrated its readiness to enter the tablet market, Microsoft decided to make Windows 8, which fits with the use of these devices.

Dell is one company that has conducted several experiments using various operating system and from the beginning so far, still running well.
Dell Tablet use OS Windows 8 In other words, even though Dell has not had a reputation as a mobile players (despite having a tablet device and smartphone with operating system Android and Windows 7 Phone), in the future there is a bright hope if Dell could use this new operating system.

Sure, companies will not let the Android out of their vision, this means that in future competitions mobile OS (Android) is able to walk properly.

"Our initial work to develop a tablet Windows 8 looks to be something that is very encouraging," said Michael Dell, who is the CEO of Dell, as quoted by Softpedia on Saturday (08/20/2011).

"We are also still quite interested in Android. We think it can form a competitive environment. I do not think to use outside of these two operating systems, if there are other alternatives that are feasible and reasonable though. So although a lot of noise out there , then I will not do anything, "he concluded.

Dell currently only focus on Android and Windows. This may be due to the fact that HP is now no longer use WebOS on tablets. This is part of a restructuring plan that also includes PC business.
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