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10 Google Products Will Terminated

Google Inc. stop the Aardvark, Google Desktop and eight software products as well as their web, by reason of no making a profit to the company's Internet giants.

As quoted by the Associated Press on Sunday (09/04/2011), Google described the steps they are on his blog as 'autumn cleaning'.
10 Google Products Will Terminated
"The technology to prove that society must change, some produce a Profit, some do not," wrote Alan Eustace, Senior Vice President at Google, said in a blog post.

One of Google's products to be discontinued is the Aardvark, a free web service for questions and answers. Aardwark bought by Google last year for USD50 million. Service is experimenting with social search. Eustace said that Google will continue to test social search with the same devices.

In addition, Google will also stop Google Desktop on September 14, since the turn of the operational system to be more sophisticated.

Several other products are stopped or in-merger by Google within a few weeks or months ahead is Fast Flip, Google Maps API for Flash, Google Pack, Google Web Security, Google Image Labeler, Google Notebook, Sidewiki and Subscribed Links.

It is said by Eustace that the move was done with the aim that the company's resources are becoming increasingly effective. "All employees of the company affected by the merger will be moved to another place," said Eustace.
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