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Tumblr Tired Post 10 Billion

Tumblr, service blogs and social networking popular home city of New York, has now passed the 10 billion posts.

As quoted by Mashable, Saturday (09/10/2011), Tumblr celebrate these achievements by displaying their new pink, yellow, purple and red on the dashboard users.

Earlier in mid-June, Tumblr has approximately 6.5 billion posts. Now the service sites are add 4.5 billion blog posts in just three months. This indicates that the quantity of daily postings on the rise.
Tumblr Tired Post 10 Billion
Tumblr itself rumored to be getting some new funding that will add value to the company is worth USD800 million.

Greylock Partners, a portfolio company is also working with Groupon and Airbnb, touted as one of the big firms who will take part in new funding for these Tumblr.

In June Tumblr new 4-year-old is currently hosting to more than the WordPress blogs that are older than 8 years.
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