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Posting on Google+ Declines 41%

Instead of continuing to climb since its inaugural launch, posting on Google + actually decreased, according to a recent study.

As quoted from T3, Saturday (17/09/2011), the latest data says that Google+ appears to be failing to catch up, due to lower posts in the service by 40 percent.

Although there was a 'run' enrollment in the early days of its release, is now posting on Google+ actually decreased 41 percent, according to a company that offers users the opportunity to link your Twitter account and Google + them. This decrease is inversely proportional to the invite as lively discussed when the service was first launched.
Posting on Google+ Declines 41%
ManageFlitter manufacturer service Twitter to Google +, saying that their data indicate that the published posts declined from 0.68 percent per day, to 0.40 percent. Even so the company says that this does not include the post is private.

Previously Google+ hopes that Google can or at least close up, with a variety of features which he owned, including Circles, and many others.

It seems that until now the user still feel at home using Twitter and Facebook, while Google + could lead to its own hype.
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