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YouTube Introduces Features Video Editing

YouTube has just added features video editing that allow the uploader to make changes to videos that they upload in the online video site.

As quoted from Physorg, Thursday (09/15/2011), John Gregg, YouTube Software Engineer, said that the 'Edit Video' allow changes in the video by adding effects, background noises or decorate swapping videos on YouTube.

"Previously, when you upload videos to YouTube, you can not do something about the video," Gregg wrote in a blog.
YouTube Introduces Features Video Editing
"But from now on, you can edit the video directly from YouTube," he added.

Previous ones, complaining that the video uploader comments and counter view in the video is lost, when they lowered the video to edit and upload them back to YouTube

Many features are developed on YouTube lately, one of which is their integration with social networking site Google's+.
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