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Twitter Have 100 Million Active Users

Twitter already have 100 million active users who logged at least once a month and 50 million active users each day, said CEO Dick Costolo.

As quoted by Mashable, Friday (9/9/2011), microblogging services giant now has a total of 200 million registered users, but the number of regular users sebenanya sometimes still being debated.
Twitter Have 100 Million Active Users
Costolo never reveal that it is actually half of the Twitter users log into the site each month, the percentage figures which he said was 82 per cent since the beginning of 2011.

Twitter CEO said that the growth of Twitter is quite healthy, especially for mobile platforms. Approximately 55 million users logged into Twitter via their mobile phones or tablets every month. Twitter users on the site was sufficiently increased.

" is currently visited by more than 400 million users each month, up from 250 million visitors in early 2011," said Costolo.

"Less than 40 percent of users are not jamming tweet since the end of this month, but we are quite pleased with this achievement, because it is still very healthy," added the CEO.

Twitter is predicted to add 26 million active users for the period until the end of 2011.
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