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Building Site from Hacker Safe

Building Site from Hacker Safe
Here are some tips in Building Websites that are not easily broken-down in the Hacker. Tips were created by a community moderator white hacker yogyafree, Nathan Gusti Ryan.

In connection with the hacking deface or content of websites of government organizations and the following various tips that can be done by the web administrator to build a strong web and not easily dibobol by Hacker.

First Tips
In general, the websites hosting is done on the ISP (Internet Service Provider) with a certain space, and we upload the website via FTP or via CPANEL (Control Panel). Webhosting this is the vulnerable and easy dibobol by Hacker of them using SQL Injection techniques. So it is suggested that use their own servers and use the VPS (Virtual Private Server). With your own server or Virtual Private Server can use a variety of protection we are Customized. Beda with Web Hosting, security protection is a word made up ISP. The weakness of this protection is used by the Hacker with Port Scanning to find the fissure that security can be penetrated to come in and take over these websites.

Second Tips
Using Hardware Security among the powerful features of firewall, IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). For example using Fortigate, Cisco Security Series, 3COM Tipping Point, and other. Can also use software such as IDS or Black ICE Countermeasures for Linux distributions, such as security system Smootwall, Monowall, Customized Linux distributions, and other. In general, both software and hardware security can automatically send email alerts can even send alerts via SMS if the system detects an attack from hackers.

Third Tips
Using a stable system that is perfect systemnya, so the possibility of cleft security can also be minimized. A large software or web tool builder, especially with different versions of a free version / free License / Freeware, the user should select the version that has been declared stable. As the software on BuG Joomla version 1.5.0 - 1.5.5.

Fourth Tips
Web Administrator / System Administrator should do the Review, Testing, Simulation regularly to the security on the management server. Can even work with Hacker (White Hacker that reputation can be trusted) to perform audits of the implementation of Security webserver.
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