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Overview Of a Hacker

A hacker is not easy. why? first you have to many knowledge about the system you want to, how the system from a working engine website, such as apache dll server, PHP, ASP etc.. not yet, you also must understand the true how the work of a network system. if you want to do penetration of a network system lo .

The point, you must know and understand a truth about the OS you want to weakness search. besides, you should read about the many security problems, because of these things, you will know what changes have been made or are made to a system by the manufacturer. know what's the security problem? yes i have .with, we know, we can analyze and logic of the techniques that we used in to hack. You also must have high creativity. the last paliiiing important, you must have a logic to think that
strong abstinence and not give up.

Capital to be hackers:
1. Learn the truth about the depth and everything about computers.
2. Learn programming.
3. Learn web programming.
4. Learning network.
5. The focus of the field of hacking (eg mean you want to hack a server
then learn about it with the depth).
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