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Tips How To Clean LCD Monitor

Here, there are some useful tips for LCD monitor users who do not know or who already know that in well cleaning and LCDnya correctly and no damage to the LCD components, among others tipsnya:

1. When cleaning the monitor, try the device in a state of electrical power supply cable dead and uprooted. It is necessary to avoid the flow of electricity that may arise, when you monitor the cleaning layer

2. To clean the LCD monitor, it helps if you are using a soft cloth and a special cleaning fluid monitor. Avoid liquids that contain alcohol, as was pointed out could damage the monitor layer. In fact it is not impossible if the monitor will change color to opaque, or exposed to scratches.

3. When using the monitor cleaning fluid, should not spray liquid directly on the monitor. To be safe, first spray the cloth.

4. Perform monitor the cleaning process slowly and not push hard surface layer monitors. Try wiping movement in one direction.

5. For Security LCD monitor, use a screen protector that protects the screen from dust or scratches.

6. Should not put Spiker or electronic items, as pointed out can cause magnetic interference, thus damaging the monitor display.

7. Also avoid the habit of putting the monitor or other electronic devices in locations exposed to direct sunlight, because it can damage the electronic resistance.
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