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Computer crime is difficult in the Fight

Computer crimes can be categorized as 'White Collar Crime', which in its operations more use of mind / brain. This crime is very difficult to be eradicated. There are several factors that led to why crimes are mushrooming and computers increasingly difficult to be eradicated.

   Factor-factor among others, are as follows:
  1. In a firm, computer data is usually handled by the EDP (Electronics Data Processing) auditor. EDP auditor is a person who multidisi pliner ie people can come from various backgrounds and disciplined. So an EDP auditor does not need to have a background in computers but can also be an accountant, manager, director, engineer or scholar-graduates from another discipline such as legal scholars, political scholars and so on. An EDP auditors usually have the ability 55% and 45% of computer capabilities of non-computer capabilities. This specialized ability that does not add to the security weaknesses of the computer.
  2. The small number of computer employees who know how to work the detailed computer. Third. The perpetrators of computer crimes is y people who generally intelligent, has a great sense of curiosity, 'fanatics' will be computer technology.
  3. Books about computer crime is not a lot. Although there are several books about computer crime, very little ssangat discuss the methods used by the computer system so that criminals complicate the investigation. In addition, kejahtan dipelajrai computer can not only from computer crime cases because it perkasus also evolve with technological developments.
  4. Computer crime was shrouded and well-organized.
  5. Rarely are the seminars / courses on the prevention of computer crimes .
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