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Maintain Gum Health Always To Stay Healthy

We have a lot to know that a lot of which are rarely dental care gums. And also Do not ever underestimate the health of the gums, especially in times of pregnancy. The reason, gum problems can affect fetal health. How to care for healthy gums during pregnancy?

A beautiful smile, tooth white, too flat, not a guarantee that a person's teeth and gums healthy. People who diligently brushing teeth is not necessarily even have healthy gums and manicured. Usually they are more focused than the dental gums.

Told by a health expert Yulia Drg Rachma gums SpPerio that according to studies, people in Indonesia alone is generally less noticed gum health. Opinion was also supported by statistical data of National Health Survey 2002. In the data recorded from 7 Indonesia 10 people have gum problems berdarah.Dan according to data from Indonesian Dentists Association (PDGI), prevalence of inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) in the whole world is 75-90 percent.

While data from studies in the Dental Hospital & Oral Education Moestopo University Prof. Dr. in 2004 noted that 71.3 percent of patients in this hospital has teeth as a trigger coral disease gingivitis, 3 percent suffer from bleeding gums, decreased 25.55 percent gums, and only 0.44 percent of the declared healthy.

"That was some evidence that says that the people of Indonesia are still very low attention to hygiene and gum health," said Yulia themed workshops during the event? Gums Terawat for Fetal Health 'organized by Pepsodent Complete & Gum Care in FX's The One Resto, Senayan, new recently.

The lack of treatment for these gums could actually be the cause of disease gingivitis. Gingivitis is an infection of the gums caused by plaque, which is attached and layers consist of bacteria, saliva, and food remnants.

"The disease gingivitis can also damage other dental braces network, known as periodontitis," said the doctor graduated from University of Indonesia.

Periodontitis is a condition in which tissue damage dental braces marked by swelling of the gums, there is a gap between the teeth and gums, gums down so that bacteria can be lodged in the gaps between the teeth and gums. Not only the gums, bones which form the basis becomes very vulnerable to infection. And in this condition, the position of the teeth become loose or rocking.

Yulia further said that if gingivitis is not treated, it can worsen into periodontitis, where the infection has spread to other tooth supporting tissues. And if not treated, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and cause disease in other parts such as stroke, diabetes, heart, and in pregnant women can cause babies born prematurely or with less weight.

"The latest research indicates that pregnant women with chronic gum disease have a risk seven times more likely to have premature babies," he said.

In addition to the plaque bacteria are also other factors that cause disease gingivitis, such as how to brush your teeth, the pressure on the gum, smoking, and hormonal influences during pregnancy.

At the time of pregnancy, pregnant women usually experience changes in teeth and mouth. Change can be a dilation of blood vessels and gums perlunakan. That is, gums bleed more easily when exposed to brush my teeth and gum swelling can occur, called epulis gravidarum or pregnancy tumor. This disease will gradually recover after the birth.

Pregnancy tumor usually occurs in the gums. Precisely in between two teeth (interdental) and can evolve rapidly even though most of this lesion diameter measuring less than 2 cm. Gum health influence of pregnancy was also recognized by the obstetrician Dr. Abidin SpOG Boy. He said that one of the factors that cause gum problems in pregnant women is the hormonal changes and the widening of blood vessels and gums perlunakan during pregnancy.

"Toxins that enter the bloodstream through the gap between the gums and teeth to make fetal stress that causes babies born weighing less or premature. Recorded 77 percent of women who gave birth to premature babies suffering from gingivitis, "he explained in the same event.

Toxins that enter it can also cause inflammation of the gums and will be even worse if the mother has health and dental hygiene and bad mouth. Therefore, the Boy always recommend that women planning a pregnancy should be noticed oral cavity health first.
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