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History of The World's Hacker Words

Word 'Hacker' emerged around the 1960s where computer-computer is still a 'monster' large size. Monster computer is usually located within a special room sebuh broad. At this time the computer is a 'monster lanhka' and requires careful treatment. In the days of 'computer giant' This means a hacker who wait, maintain and operate the computer.

They are generally designers are experts and researchers in the field of computers. The term hacker came as some young children are employed by the U.S. Defense Department at the University research laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to work on a project with a project named the MAC (Multiple Accsess Computer). These young people (later called the Hacker) is a computer expert at that time (although among them there are also students who 'drop out'). A.S. defense department. believe in their ability to create such mproyek DaLA software. It is because the ole hide and creativity they have, and probably only they alone understand the true denagn computer system at the time.

The hacker was able to write the first chess program. They also helped John McCarthy in developing one of the languages Aritificial Intelligence (AI), the LISP language. Hackers tercipyanya MAC was a pioneer for what is called today with Expert System and Time Sharing computer. The Hacker MAC is also the creator of the operating system program (operating system) that serves as a liaison between the computer and the monitor screen. Please note, that the work input at that time was done with punch-card while still using teletype output. Monitor that often we see today have not yet diguanakan to the computer. The Hacker MAC designing programs that connect the computer with the monitor so that the input and output can be seen directly on the screen.

As a creator of computer time-sharing framework, MAC hackers have advantages other than ordinary users. By running a particular program they were able to stop all activities of computer. In times of testing time-sharing computers, hackers are encouraged to discover their weaknesses in the systems they design, they are even given the authority to make the computer system 'crash' or make other odd things. One of the classic story about the hacker spirit of this period was the program 'Cookie Monster' which disipkan in computer operating systems. Courses Cookie Monster will make berkelap screen flickering and display the word Cookies. Computer users are exposed to courses Cookie Monster have to type the word 'Cookies'. If not, then the screen will monitronya filled with the words 'gimme cookies'. Cookie monster addition to the program, Hacker MAC also change the system time-sharing computer operating in such a way that all the passcode (password) are printed on computer printer paper. Passion for creativity and unlimited authority in studying these computers, hackers will be internalized in times next year.

With advances in technology, computers began to spread. Programmer labor and multiply. Pad asekitar years developing a hacker term meaning 1965. Hackers are not just someone who can design and mencipytakan computer. Hackers also means that a programmer who likes to 'play around with computers, like finding new things in computer use, look for weaknesses in operating systems, and so forth. The programmers are currently still working at the level of machine language and assembly language.
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