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How to Select a Good Flash Disk

Flash is always a need for us all to save a file school work, college and office work. And also if we want to buy the flash would not know how to choose a good flash.Below are described the sniper tips in choosing the right flash disk and true.

Software Support
You can choose the flash that has a controller chip in each unit. This controller chip will allow you to install USB flash disk with a variety of portable software, such as: Security Software, Partition Software, File Synchronization, and others. Software Security is very important in ensuring your sensitive data from falling into unauthorized hands. You can select the flash to make it compatible with multiple operating systems, without having to use a driver or not depends on the specific driver.

Notice the speed of data transfer
In fact, the speed of USB 2.0 data transfer rates ranging from 14 Mb / s to 24 Mb / s, but the speed will be reduced if using a USB cable or USB hub. Although USB 2.0 has better speed than USB 1.1, with a speed of 1.5 MB / s.

Notice the designs and completeness
Not only the design and physical models that flash according to your taste, but that must be taken into consideration is the completeness of its products, such as strap hangers, casing cover the flash, the driver CD package, anti-water facilities, the manual lock on the outside casing, USB cable, and other accessories .

Notice the flash capacity
You can buy a flash, of course, appropriate to their needs and not less so you have to buy again, such an ideal capacity of 2GB, and in accordance with your budget.

Warranty Notice
Warranty life time as much as possible, but the average usage of flash is generally only about two to three years, can wear it out of boredom or maybe you need more capacity. This is the basic assumption for some people that the warranty period is only two to three years.

Note the manufacturer and distributor of information
Choose the flash of a reliable and have a clear service center. You must ensure accuracy of the information about producers and distributors, and how to contact them. This is useful if you like having problems with flash, or warranty claims, when the outlet where you purchased the flash is not willing to serve your claim.
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