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Chrome Release Feature 'Remote Desktop'

Chrome is finally releasing a feature that can connect two computers together using the Chrome browser.

Products that integrate the functions of the remote desktop on the Chrome browser is designed for its users, who do not trust third-party vendors who also already offer similar services.

Chrome is a free feature called 'Chrome Remote Desktop', launched in beta and allows connecting two computers that have an existing Chrome browser on Windows, Linux, Mac and Chromebooks, as reported by Tech Central, Tuesday (10/11/2011).
Chrome Release Feature 'Remote Desktop'
Remote Desktop can access all data on the computer and to access the user's computer will give you the code to others. This is an authentication code that must be done each time access is granted.

In its release, Google said the feature is very useful for people who need technical assistance from IT technicians far-flung location.

Other products that also provides access to a computer such as Chrome Remote Desktop is TeamViewer and a website that is are also provided free of charge.

Google said the purpose of this beta release is to demonstrate the function of "Chrome Remoting Technology" and to see how the response from its users later.
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