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Android Now Have Official Twitter Account

The developer platform Android OS finally official register into a giant network of microblogging, Twitter, with accounts @AndroidDev and @Android.

As quoted from Mashable, Sunday (10.16.2011), Android's party had previously created an account with the name @AndroidDev, but then decided to create a new account.

Quite puzzling why the Google OS platform is not really utilize the account address at @AndroidDev, and choose to create a new account in Twitter.
Android Now Have Official Twitter Account
If you want to get the latest information then please follow the Android account, @Android. While the developers who want to get news about Android, please follow @ AndroidDev account.

In one of his tweets, your @Android post a link of a video from Google employees with the statue of Android Ice Cream as high as 10 feet.

On 19 October, Google plans to launch Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) for Samsung's latest smartphone, the Nexus Prime.
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