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HP: webOS Not So Dead

Although claimed to have stopped working for the tablet TouchPad WebOS, Hewlett Packard (HP) claimed to still use the OS for their printer line.

As quoted from Pocket-Lint, on Monday (3/10/2011), while it may webOS is rumored to be the talk because it will be bought by Amazon, but the news does not stop the HP to keep using the OS for use in their printers.

A spokesperson for HP said that they are now working on printers webOS to the ranks of their output. "HP is currently trying to use webOS to the professional ranks Designjet printers," he said.
HP: webOS Not So Dead
The statement as an indication that HP will soon apply webOS for their printer products. Although so few sources of Pocket-Lint have not been sure whether HP will launch something new related to their statement is.

In addition, a statement from HP is also implying that webOS the future not only be used for the tablet only, but also for other products.

Earlier in May of 2010, HP CEO Mark Hurd, said that they wanted to webOS can be used for printers that are connected to the internet.

"Beyond phones, you will see that the OS will work for products like printers," he said.

But before issuing a new product, it seems that HP must first reorganize their internal affairs, because it has a lot to replace CEOs in the past two years.
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