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Eight Secrets of Life Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died at the age of 56 years. Jobs close eyes for good after years of battling pancreatic cancer. Jobs death by bequeathing a number of innovations, which exist in a number of Apple products.

Jobs is an icon of the digital age. He began his life''of Silicon Valley 'by founding Apple with Steve Wozniak of his garage. So far, the bespectacled man was known as the man who managed to build Apple become one of the digital giants.
Eight Secrets of Life Steve Jobs
But, you know, there's another side of life that Jobs might not have to know everything. Here's the other side of which Jobs is likely to surprise you, as quoted from Hollyscoop:

1. Drop out of school. Like Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of school and making up, Jobs also dropped out of school. Jobs had studied at Reed College in Portland, Oregon but dropped out after six months. A year later he founded Apple.

2. After dropping out of school, Jobs went to India and to experiment with LSD psychiatric drugs.

3. Steve Jobs, a Buddhist follower. He was very interested and never thought to join a monastery and became a monk. He is married with a tradition of Zen Buddhism by a monk who is also his personal spiritual teacher.

4. He founded Pixar. Many people do not know that in 1986, Jobs bought an animation studio, Pixar for U.S. $ 5 million and provide additional funds of U.S. $ 5 million to experiment with animation. Jobs also be one person responsible for the sale of Pixar to Disney nearly 20 years later.

5. Jobs adopted. He was born of a mother who is still in school and not married. Jobs later adopted by a couple of Armenia, Paul and Clara Hagopian. In the 1990s, he decided to track down the missing sister and eventually meet. And not surprisingly, since her sister, Mona Simpson is a successful writer and professor at UCLA.

6. Jobs of a playboy, before he married his wife, Laurene Powell in 1991, he had a relationship with some famous Hollywood actress at the time. Call it the actress Dianne Keaton and Joan Baez. He also had children from a woman, Chrisann Brennan. At first he refused the child. However, he eventually recognizes as the father of the child.

7. Jobs do not eat meat. He actually is pescetarian, which means eating fish, but no other meat. He usually ate eggs and milk and other vegetarian foods.

8. He's super-rich. Jobs has a wealth estimated at U.S. $ 8.3 billion. He is listed as the richest man in the order of 39 for category Forbes Richest People in America in 2011.
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