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Random Site Random Hacker-LG

The LG Australia found that the security of their sites are vulnerable. This was proved by dibajaknya their site by a group of hackers who named 'Intra'.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, a group of hackers called Intra made ​​it into the LG Australia website are addressed in Similarly, as quoted from Pocket-Lint, Monday (24/10/2011).

"Since the site withdrawn, until the problem is corrected, then the traffic will be redirected to," said the LG Australia.
Random Site Random Hacker-LG
While the hacker wrote in the LG Australia website, a message that berbunyikan 'seems your site has been hacked. How do we pass your defense system? ... What security? ;) '

Ty Miller from Pure Hacking security firm estimates that the action of the hack was successful after they also managed to attack the web server prior to hosting their site.

Intra hacker known for his often publish a victim passwords and data on the internet, but for this case, the information stored elsewhere.

"Fix it first, before later came a more sinister side that might delete all content. You are all certainly are computer scientists, the time can not create a unique password," wrote the hacker Intra on the LG site.
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