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Microsoft : Android Difficult Used

Microsoft's would assume OS Windows Phone is the best among all platforms. Their critique on the Android OS which is considered too difficult to use.

It said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Speaking at the event Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Ballmer judge people need to be a computer expert to use Android. Unlike the Windows Phone is easy to use.

"The biggest advantage we have instead of Android is that you do not have to be a computer scientist to use Windows Phone. It's hard for me to be interested in Android phones," said the bald-headed man is.
Microsoft : Android Difficult Used
The rise of inexpensive Android phone makes Ballmer Windows Phone should also assess the cost of manufacture in order to suppress competitive. "Mobile phones are the cheapest Android and we will have to lower the cost of making our handsets," he added.

About Apple, Ballmer assess them is a great competitor. Quoted from the Telegraph, Wednesday (10/19/2011), he praised the iPhone 4S Siri features that can act as a personal assistant. But of course, he judge still better Windows Phone.

"Both the iPhone and Windows Phone feels comfortable in the hand and they both look good. But when you use Windows Phone, the information you need is centralized and you do not need to explore so many icons," he concluded.

Not just this time Microsoft officials criticized his rivals. Previously, the boss Windows Phone also assume Android into chaotic phase.
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