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Rider Marco Simoncelli Killed in Sepang Circuit, Malaysia

Rider MotoGP Honda Gresini Italian Marco Simoncelli eventually died after a crash at Sepang Circuit, Malaysia, Sunday (23.10.11). Simoncelli was killed at 16:56 o'clock local time. Rider nicknamed Super Sic died in advanced racing Moto GP at Sepang, Malaysia after a hard collision inevitable when new races-11 entering the bend into the second lap. He fell in the middle of the track. Impact, he was hit by Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi who was driving behind him. Red flags were hoisted and the race was stopped.
Rider Marco Simoncelli Killed in Sepang Circuit, Malaysia
In a press conference that lasted six minutes and was also attended by Javier Alonso (Dorna Events Managing Director), Franco Uncini (Safety Delegates), Claude Danis (Presidential Commission on Safety), and Paul Butler (Race Director) gave an official statement regarding the death of Marco Simoncelli at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia.

In a statement the medical director Dr. Michele Macchiagodena say, Simoncelli died from injuries in the head, neck, and chest.
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