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Anonymous Start Attacking Financial Institutions

Anonymous groups are not only directing his attack to the world of the Internet, now they have started to lead to financial institutions that have strong security.

Anonymous Analytics, an extension of the group Anonymous, which was formed to attack the corporate and financial institutions around the world. Similarly, as quoted by ZDNet, Saturday (01/10/2011).

"The mission of Analytics Anonymous is for companies to attack the corrupt and fraudulent practices in a large scale," wrote the Anonymous on the official website.
Anonymous Start Attacking Financial Institutions
Anonymous party also stated that the analysts, accountants, statisticians, computer experts and lawyers in their organization will investigate in advance of a target company prior to the attack.

The first target Anonymous Analytics is a firm listed in Hong Kong stock exchange, which is now in the investigation of Hong Kong.

Earlier on September 17 last, the hacker group Anonymous invite their followers on Twitter to be a stimulant hijack the world economic centers. The movement known as the 'Occupy Wall Street'.
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