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Recognition of Father Steve Jobs: Steve Descendants Syria, however do not Want to Meet I

The death of Apple CEO Steve Jobs into mourning for the world. Not only the United States who lost their 'founder and CEO of their best', but one of the countries in the Middle East also lost his 'son' them.

Yes! Steve Jobs was not blooded U.S.. Her biological father came from Syria. In the virtual world, many condolences that came from the land of the ancestors Jobs. Ahmed (28), which met in Syria said he was proud of Steve Jobs. But he also admitted if Jobs was born in Syria so he could not innovative today.
Recognition of Father Steve Jobs: Steve Descendants Syria, however do not Want to Meet I
In the world of twitter for example, many Syrians are twittering about the departure of Jobs. Like a few below:

Not many know that Jobs is a Syrian who had blood running down his body. Jobs biological father, who was born in the city of Homs is the third largest city in the country. Homs is also one base rev olusi Syrian opposition is still ongoing.

When young, the father of Jobs lecture at the American University in Beirut. He is Abdulfattah Jandali. Jandali met Joanne Carole Schieble, Jobs biological mother, when they went to Wisconsin in the 1950s. Thus the narrative Jandali the daily Al-Hayat. Five years of related and have children (Jobs) both take the bitter end. Hand over their only child for adoption of other parents.

Jandali said, "I have to give up Jobs for Joanne's father did not approve of our relationship. He's a very conservative. So Joanne agreed to submit Jobs to adoption," he said.

"If anything, we tidakk submit Jobs. I'm sure Jobs will remain as famous as now. His brain is indeed thin. He did not graduate from college, but I think he will succeed in any field," said Jandali again.

Jandali admitted he was not familiar with Jobs. Although he had several times to send birthday cards. "But none of us dared to get closer. I think if he (Jobs) bertemua me he wanted to know where to go."

According Jandali, Jobs knew all Arab blood flowing in his body but Jobs did not give a damn. He's got his own attitude in this regard. Jandali now 80 years old. He is a former professor of politics. Jandali currently lives in Nevada, he can position as one of the executive in Reno Nevada.

But the two had never met. Jandali said, Jobs knew where he could meet him. "Many people know that Jobs bloody Syria, but he did not care for it. Jobs has his own attitude about his descendants, it's known he's a genius," said Jandali.

Will the two exchanged greetings? Jandali said the wanted to, but "This sounds weird but I was not ready. Even if we were on the brink of death even though I think we are still reluctant to call each other," he said.

Apart from this, Jandali admitted that he regretted giving Jobs to be adopted. "I do not know if Steve knows, if the adoption was not my decision to take," he said. "If I could choose the moment of course I choose to stay with Steven."
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